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Sunday, 11 November 2018


Cakes, musicals, and a load of secrets... This was so much fun to film! This filming malarkey for me has been at times struggle, but I am determined to overcome it so I decided to bring you all along on what was a very exciting (and emotional!) few days.

Anyone who knows me knows that dance is my biggest passion and love in life... It's where I feel most happy, most safe, and above everything, it's where I feel most myself. I love the journey dance has taken me on, the confidence I've gained, the opportunities I've had but above everything I love the people I get to share it with.

It goes without saying, our dance teacher is one in a million... The most selfless person I know who has done so much for me in helping me gain back the confidence and the passion that today's society took away from me. When I first met Anne-Marie, I remember thinking that she was the first person I felt had ever saw me for me. She didn't see someone with dwarfism, but instead someone who dreamed of dancing again. This week I got to repay her for making my dream come true.

This is so different from my other videos and posts, but for me is what real awareness is all about. Showing you that actually, I'm no different to you. I have hopes, dreams, fears just like you... I have passions I have challenges... And I have the best friends who I get to share it all with.
So here you go, two friends, embarking on crazy adventures talking rubbish, making a fool out of themselves and having the best time... All whilst surprising someone very special in our world❤️


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