Forever a small fish in a big pond

Friday 10 March 2017

Stepping back out there

As a child, I pretty much had what anyone would see as a normal childhood. With the exception of the obvious- as well as a few medical obstacles to overcome on occasions, I was just about the same as everyone else. My family never agreed to wrap me up in cotton wool, so I was always doing what any other child would. If there was an after school club you'd be certain I was in it- dance especially was one of my favorites. I'd go home every day from class and practice in front of the mirror until I got it perfect. As a club, we attended many festivals and competitions... I was in my element. I found confidence every parent would wish for their child. There was even a time I would fantasize about a career in my newly found hobby. 5 years of shows, routines, and after school practicing... I never would've thought the love I had for the stage could come to an end. But my primary school world soon got left behind... With my dance shoes in it!
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