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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Dwarfism- a whatever fits style; Collab with Chamiah Dewey Fashion

Since I can remember, clothing has always been one of the hardest things I associate with my condition, and something which in my teen years especially, was a pinpoint to my insecurities. Being 22 years old, in a body built for a 6-year-old, it's fair to say I am past the days of flashing trainers and pink tights. 

But to find something out of that range without going down the root of tailor-made items, which I think my student bank account would be mortified at- is well..... hard. As is the feeling that you're missing out. Girlie shopping days don't have the same feeling when you know you can't just pick something off a shelf. 

My condition is Achondroplasia- the most common form of Dwarfism. Achondroplasia affects bone growth- particularly in limbs. Meaning we have short arms and legs (particularly short upper arms and thighs), that being said, my torso is as near to average, so t-shirts, hoodies etc... whilst often looking very oversized, can sometimes be gotten away with... that is if they don't have sleeves. 

Sleeves are a no go. 


Wednesday, 16 December 2020


 15.12.18- 1pm- "My headache isn't shifting, I'm going to go lie down."

15.12.18- 10pm- "Did I really sleep that long? I feel awful. Mum, I can't see properly."

16.12.18- 1am- **First round of blood tests at the Emergency department**

It was that fast. And in many ways it feels like a blur- I don't remember what was said. I don't really remember what happened. But I remember exactly how I felt. 


Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Not what I had in mind

And just like that.... 3 years done. 

A journey that felt like it was over in a blink… but also one I feel I have traveled for a lifetime. My BAhons degree in Youth and Community Work, complete.

It’s fair to say the finishing of this journey, represents how the whole road has been…. “Not what I had in mind.

I never thought for one moment I would be graduating in the mist of a pandemic with the only moments of celebration with friends, shared through a phone screen.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

MY FIRST BLOG POST- 2014 Flashback

My very first blog post; written 2nd May 2014.
Growing up without being able to grow. 

Teenage life is never easy but living in a world built for people twice my size brings extra challenges. My form of dwarfism Achondroplasia means that at just 3ft 11, I am much shorter than my friends, family and classmates.  It wasn't till I was reaching the end of my second year in primary school that I started to notice the extent of the size difference between myself and my classmates. As they grew it was becoming apparent that I wasn't. I remember going home asking my mum why. As you can imagine it was a hard question to answer for my mum and like any six year old, I wasn't quite sure what I was being told. No matter how many times I got told, no matter how many times it was explained, it never quite sunk in. Why was I different? And why was no one else different? By the time I reached the age of 9, I was well aware of my size and my condition however it was something that never got mentioned, even in my family it wasn't something that got talked about, In a way, I saw that as a positive. My family saw me as me and so did my friends but as my time at primary school was coming to an end, I started to wonder what people like me were going through. Did people like me even exist? 


Thursday, 18 June 2020

21 life lessons in my 21 years

1. Not everyone you meet is going to treat you nicely. But that should never stop you from being nice. You never know, it might rub off on them, and if not, it says more about them than it does you. 

2. Life will always throw spanners in the works; usually, just at the moment you feel your masterpiece is coming together. But just like you have done a thousand times before; you'll work this out too. 
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