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Short Perspectives UK

The first of its kind..... 

Short Perspectives was created as a conversation of accessibility and diversity in our communities.

This visually focused publication aims to highlight accessibility and inclusion- from a perspective that differs from the ‘norm’.


‘Having Dwarfism, one thing that I’ve found the most challenging growing up, is truly being able to communicate or explain what it is like to live with the condition. Being born with ‘Achondroplasia’- has made me have to think about things in ways no one around me needed to. It’s highlighted things which to others, get no second thought, and its created challenges in things most do with such ease. Whilst I do not feel bitter towards my condition- I’ve created ‘Short Perspectives’ to louden the voices on the challenges that sit within it, so that others can improve in their awareness and understanding. Short Perspectives is not to be seen as a negative- or a platform for life’s problems, but instead as a toolkit, that we can now tackle those ‘problems’ together’.

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