Forever a small fish in a big pond

Saturday 31 March 2018

Finding out I wasn't alone...

Up until I was 13 years old I was the only little person in my world, I was born to average height parents and was the first one in my family to develop the condition, so yeah, it was just me. I was the only one. By the age of 6 all my friends began to tower over me. I remember coming home and asking the question, the question my mum had been dreading- Why?

It was hard to understand at first but as I got older my understanding grew but my ability to deal with it didn't. I was very lucky to have such amazing friends throughout my school years, who stuck by me through some of my toughest times- and honestly, I don't know where I'd be without them, but after I started secondary school the reality of being the small one soon kicked it, and it was becoming harder to deal as each week passed. I had so many questions, hormones had hit and I was starting to question my future. Getting a job, learning to drive, going to college, starting a family... all the things that every teenage girl dreams of- I didn't know if these things would even be possible for me.

When I hit 13, I began to stop talking about these things, or about my feelings, or about well anything... I wasn't sure that anyone really understood, It was hard, when so many people are trying to help you and trying to tell you what they think you wanna hear but really all that's going through your mind is "you'll never know""you'll never know what it's like" and I was right they wouldn't. I had so many people around me who loved and adored me and had only my best interests at heart- but still, when they told me it would be ok, they couldn't be sure.


Dwarfism- THE FACTS

If you can spare 1 minute today please use it to watch this video, then if you can spare another minute use it to share it with your friends and help spread Dwarfism awareness #EducationIsEverything


Friday 2 March 2018

Dear Dwarfism... a letter to my condition

Dear Dwarfism.... 

You test me every day. You reduce me to tears, fill me with anger, make me weak, make me tired...It's not fair you know... how hard you make somethings. Even the simplest of things. Why is it all my friends do things with such ease... yet you burden me with such struggle and pain. Why me? Why not them?

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