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Friday 19 October 2018

England. You've got some catching up to do

My biggest fear of travelling abroad, was not the airport madness, or the fear of getting lost, the unknown language or their weird and wacky foods, none of that really crossed my mind.... I knew I could handle Greece, but I didn't quite know how Greece could handle me.

When you have a disability, or a physical difference walking into a new culture is often daunting, and at times can be risky. For countries with historic cultures, often people who are different can be seen to be something they aren't, for example some people see little people as a lucky charm (don't get your hopes up guys, I've tried it, it doesn't work!😉) Coming away with that fear was huge... dealing with conflict surrounded by my home comforts is one thing, but the risk of doing so 1600 miles from home.... I didn't know if I could. 

But I can honestly say I am blown away. Sidari you've been so lovely. More than lovely. Today marks 5 days we've spent out here.... and I can say I've not had 1 negative encounter. Not 1. 5 days!! 5 whole days!! From reaching things off high shelves, to carrying my food back to the table, helping with suitcases, helping in public transport.... to just a simple smile. Sidari, you've won my heart. But as happy as life may feel right now... there's an element that's bittersweet.

 1600 miles. That's how far I had to travel in order to get a week, a week where no one stares. A week where no one shouts names. 1600 miles just to feel accepted. The name calling, the stares... I'm used to it. It's part of life and I know it always will be. But the last five days have been a taster, a taste to what life would be like if society was just a little more kind. It breaks my heart, and behind closed doors it tears my confidence in two because I know for a fact society doesn't accept me. Society doesn't accept difference. It fears it, more than I even feared coming here. But it doesn't have to be that way. One kind word. One kind gesture. That's all it takes, and if you can't say something kind.... Well then don't say anything at all.

 It's 2018. Stigmas. Stereotypes. F*** them. Get over it.... Sidari has.... England, we got some catching up to do❤️

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