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Monday 27 February 2023

To the Teachers of the Next


To the teachers of the next- a spoken word written for the teachers of the next generation of young people with Dwarfism.

To the Teachers of the next,

You need to hear me out. Now, my anger is not with you so I’ll try not to shout. 

But hear me when I say, I’ve longed for this day- the day someone listens to what I have to say. Because I’ve been there and I know, more than most do- but I’m not the one with the power- that lies with you. 

I get that it’s scary- and you have targets to meet. But imagine how scary it is when you can’t reach your seat. Your peg. Your bag. The dinner hall chair- believe me it sucks because I’ve been there. 

I was too young back then, I couldn’t speak my mind. But I see it now because I’ve served my time: 

I learned the hard way. I hurt and I bled. 

But there can be purpose to the tears that I shed.


Learn from the past. Take what I say. Give them a path that shows them the way. 

The way to a world where they can be who they are.

Where the only limit they see is the sky and the stars.

It’s in what you do. Not just what you say. Because if you’re not committed to learn- trust that I’m not leading your way. 

This isn’t a tick box. The responsibility won’t stop. After an Ofsted inspection or when your marks meet the top. 

Don’t do it because it’s a ‘given’. Do it with care- because without that- believe that we won’t get anywhere. 

This journey ahead- is one I’ve walked for miles, it’ll continue for us but only be yours for a while. Make the impact you have, make you the one they remember. 

Do it with love. Not as a favour. To your representation- or the marks on a sheet. Because at the end of the day- you can still reach your seat. 

So with the kindest regards I’ll leave the rest up to you- if you call for my service trust that I’ll follow through. 

But understand that I’ve already picked up my own heart- so don’t let history repeat. See harm has been done but you can set the next standards to meet. 

Be the adult that I needed.  Because we won’t have to fix what ain’t broke. Be the light that I needed. Lead the next- onto hope. 


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