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Friday 2 March 2018

Dear Dwarfism... a letter to my condition

Dear Dwarfism.... 

You test me every day. You reduce me to tears, fill me with anger, make me weak, make me tired...It's not fair you know... how hard you make somethings. Even the simplest of things. Why is it all my friends do things with such ease... yet you burden me with such struggle and pain. Why me? Why not them?

I know, I know it would be easier... easier if I took things slower if I didn't challenge myself to have the lifestyle that I do. If I took a step back and listened to everyone who tells me I'm incapable... if I listened to the advice of doctors who have told me I can't live a normal life. 

But why. Why should I? Because I was given a body I didn't ask for?.... What life gave me was out of my control, but what I do with it won't be. 

Dwarfism, at times I've struggled to accept you. I've felt bitter in coping with the challenges you've thrown at me... but I'm ready now. To start again. To get back up and finish what I started. So come on, give it all you've got.......push me... I'll push harder. Break me... I'll build myself to be stronger... throw me into the storm and I'll learn to dance in the rain.

You will forever be a part of me... but you will never define me.



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