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Thursday 6 October 2016

Dwarfism- Some do's and don'ts

DO NOT call people with dwarfism names. The word "midget" is frowned upon and the majority of people with dwarfism find it highly offensive. Some people don't mind being referred to as a "little person" others prefer "dwarf". I don't mind either, but please remember before giving someone a label that they are a person, with feelings. Just like you......

DO NOT stare. Please remember there is a difference between "looking" and "staring".... I accept that a lot of the time I will be the first little person that others have seen, and there is no getting away from the fact that for a tiny person, I stand out like a sore thumb!!! ;) But staring just makes everyone feel uncomfortable. I would much prefer someone to approach me and ask the questions that are flying around their minds.

DO NOT usher your children away from me as if I have a disease they are likely to catch. Children are curious, that is natural and I accept it. But by pulling them away parents are automatically (even if not intentionally) making their child believe there is something "wrong" with me. If your child has questions, answer them, if you can't or even don't want to - ask us!!!

DO ask questions. I am not offended by people "not knowing" but by people "not caring"

DO remember that although I may look different, I am a person, like you. I have feelings, like you. I only want to be accepted into society, like you...

DO treat me appropriate to my age and not my size!!! This one is difficult, even mum has problems sometimes but it is one of my pet peeves!!


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