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Thursday 14 September 2017

My first train journey...

With every new adventure comes new challenges, challenges which often take a long process to learn how to overcome...well today was the beginning of the process. I've never been on the train before, nor have I ever had to travel such a long way with no one to assist me. Well in two weeks time when my university life begins that's all about to change! No new journey is ever done without a trial run... today was that run! A trial run for me not only helps me know where the heck I'm going, but more so how the heck I'm gonna get there... and by that, I don't mean which direction to go, but instead...

-Can I reach the ticket machine?
-How many stairs lead up to the platform?
-How many roads do I have to cross without marked crossings, can I ensure I'm seen?
-How busy is the station, am I likely to get knocked?
-How long does the walking route take, Will I make it on time?
-Can I reach to access any lift buttons or general public facilities needed?
-Can I even physically get onto the train? Will my legs physically stretch to make it from the platform onto the train, and more so can I do this with 1000 people surrounding me all no doubt in a rush to get on. 

No transition is ever easy, and it seems as I grow up more and more factors flag up which need to be taken into consideration. I'm envious of the people who can just get on, the people who do these journeys every day without a care in the world, I'm envious that one of the most exciting times of my life is also made one of the scariest... but I'm also adamant that though these things as scary as they are, they will never be impossible. They will he hurdles not limitations. 

I have a lot to learn in the upcoming weeks, not only academically as I begin my new course but also both physically and mentally as I stretch my body further than it has had to before. But hey we'll do it... don't we always!👌🏻✨💛

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