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Tuesday 18 December 2018

MY FIRST SOCIAL- New friends, New memories

Growing up, I didn't have any contact or interaction with other little people, being born into an average height family, it wasn't until the age of 10 that I really started to realise that actually there were other people like me. Then at the age of 13, my world was transformed when our life with Little People UK began. Ever since we joined LPUK, I knew that I wanted to help to bring people together. My family did a fab job in bringing me up, and I wouldn't say my childhood was hard, however, It would've been a dam lot easier if I had known someone else like me. It doesn't matter how many people you have around you, sometimes when you're different, it's lonely. It's also scary.

As a child approaching my teenage years, I'd come home from school, lock myself in my room and sob. It felt as if no one understood, how could they. I was small. They weren't. So when we found support in Little People UK, I knew that one day I wanted to give back, and bring the same joy that I had been given, to other people like me.

Being a full time, working university student, means that weekends are usually spent under a textbook or behind a coffee bar trying to pay off student loans! However, as Christmas approached us, in my mind there was no better time than to bring people together. As a child I loved spending Christmas weekends in Cribs Causeway, the magic of the environment, the activities, music, food and not to mention the endless shopping, I have so many memories, so what a perfect place to create some more!

But it was all very well, organising a day out... I knew I could do that, no question. The biggest question, was would anyone come? To my relief they did.

I am so grateful to all the families that made the journey to join me and my family in Bristol for the day. I was amazed with how far some had travelled just to be a part of our day. It was so wonderful to spend time with friends before the Christmas holiday
, but even more so to meet so many new friends who I hope now feel a part of our extended family.

Surreal probably doesn't even come close. 7 years ago, I was introduced into the little people community, and on this day I was the one to do that for someone else. When I sit back and think about it, it feels almost as if I now life a different life to the one I knew then. Gone are the days I lock myself in my room, gone are the attempts to bunk school, gone are the days I look in the mirror with pure dread and shame. 

Instead, I'm proud. Proud to be part of such a wonderful community, and even prouder to be able to share this community with so many other people. Being able to meet so many people, hear their experiences whilst sharing my own, was a feeling I will treasure for a long long time. 

Living with Dwarfism isn't easy. But It's made easier when you get to share it with the most beautiful people. I was truly overwhelmed with the love and joy we got to share on this day... Hearing so many inspiring and positive stories, whilst also making them too. This fantastic group of people are made of tough stuff! And I am so excited I can now witness what the future holds for us all!❤️

ARE YOU AFFECTED BY DWARFISM? DO YOU WANT TO MEET NEW PEOPLE? DO YOU WANT US TO COME AND EXPLORE WHERE YOU LIVE? I would love to hear from you! Visit my new "Life Being Little Socials" page on my blog, and you can contact me with any enquires. 

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